Nanotechnology in Aquaculture

Nanotechnology assumes an indispensable part now a day. With the headways and improvement of nanotechnology, made nanomaterials (MNMs) is broadly utilized as a part of different fields. Nanomaterials in the aquaculture business applications are progressively broad. In light of the ebb and flow various existing examinations and reports identified with nanotechnology and  nanomaterials in the aquaculture business, in water refinement, sustenance and nourishment handling, biomedical and cultivating hardware a few parts of a preparatory group and condense for the assortment utilizations of MNMs in aquaculture field. Investigation and incorporation some related examinations and reports about MNMs application in aquaculture industry, particularly in the marine aquaculture industry, for an organized audit and talk of MNMs application in aquaculture. Nanotechnology has been exhibited as a powerful modulator in various parts of aquaculture as infection finding, retention of medications or hormones, antibodies and supplement conveyance and so forth. Despite the fact that in the aquaculture fields the business applications are to some degree rare, it has huge plausibility to utilize. 


  • Nanoparticles as Fish Growth Promoter
  • Nano-Tagging and Barcoding
  • Water Filtration
  • Nanotechnology for Water Management
  • Nano-Fishing

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